Mr Badger: Punching Down

Friday 5th July, 4.30pm, Studio Space
All tickets £5

Punching Down is one man’s… well… badger’s story showing the highs and many, many lows of his unfortunate existence. From his birth near a skip in Leeds to the moments he nearly made the big time and his subsequent fall from grace, resulting in him living in his mother’s caravan in a Shropshire woodland. Expect deranged songs, the occasional terrible magic trick, a fair bit of outrageous talk from a person not aware of what is or isn’t offensive and possibly a few underpants accidents on stage – 18+ ONLY. 

For a sample of Mr Badger’s adult-rated chat, check out his podcast, Mr Badger Talks to Utter Scum, at Podbean here:

• Cheshire Cat New Comedian of the Year 2018. 
• Midlands Comedy Awards New Comedian of the Year 2nd place 2018. 

‘I’ve worked with some great acts but I must say that Mr Badger is the funniest comedian I’ve seen for a long time. So wrong but so, so funny. Do go find him and enjoy’ – Raymond & Mr. Timpkins Revue 
‘Unique and hilarious – absolutely amazing’ – Tony Slattery 
‘F@$king funny’ – Brendon Burns