Dan Baines, David Bawden and Aaron Wood – Lost Boys

Thursday 4th July, 12.00pm, Studio Space
Friday 5th July, 12.00pm, Studio Space
Saturday 6th July, 7.30pm, Main Stage

All tickets £5

THURSDAY 4th JULY, 12.00pm

FRIDAY 5th JULY, 12.00pm

SATURDAY 6th JULY, 7.30pm

Relationships, growing up, moving on. This triple-hander show tackles the enormity and the mundanity of everyday life from three unique perspectives. Whether it’s dry, depreciating, northern wit, charming, energetic story telling or deftly delivered gags, ‘Lost Boys’ is a hilarious glimpse at the life of three people on society’s fringes. We’ll never grow old.

Lost Boys are:

Aaron Wood
‘Witty with unexpected reveals.’ – Notts Comedy Review
‘Talent way beyond his time on the circuit’ – Mel Moon

Dave Bawden – Manfords new act finalist 2019
“Great writing” – Dave Twentyman
“Good description, good call back – very strong delivery overall” – Cheshire Cat new act competition

and Dan Baines –
“Perfect timing” – Dan Nightingale
“Solid stage presence” – Notts Comedy Review