Robert Ross – Oh, What A Carry On!

Thursday 4th July, 4.30pm, Main Stage
All tickets £5

In the March of 1958 cameras started rolling on a cheap and cheerful comedy about a bunch of hapless National Service recruits. The film was Carry On Sergeant and it started British film’s most endearing franchise. 

Nothing sums up the bawdy and raucous British sense of humour more than the Carry Ons. The series is a vital part of the national bloodstream. 

Now official Carry On historian Robert Ross takes you behind the scenes of a comedy institution. This is the Carry On story. Naughty but nice…

Robert Ross has written a library of books on the history of comedy, including The Carry On Story, The Goodies Rule – O.K.?, Sid James – Cockney Rebel, and Marty Feldman – The Biography of a Comedy Legend. His many television appearances include Carry On Forever, Legends – Terry-Thomas, and The One Show.

Twitter: @RobertWRossEsq

‘Robert is a one-man encyclopedia of the very best of British comedy.’ – Jim Dale MBE

‘The top chronicler of British comedy.’ – Film Review