Allan Lear Does Not Affect Your Statutory Rights (WIP)

Thursday 4th July, 1.30pm, Studio Space
All tickets £3

Groupon, evouchers, gift cards, online auction sites, special offers, BOGOFs…so many people want your money and are willing to tell you anything to get it. How can YOU tell when they’re trying to take the piss?

Armed with a flippant attitude and a genuine law degree, Allan Lear will try to explain your rights to you, like a bloated Rantzen in a pinstripe suit.

“Truly gifted” – Jay Richardson, Chortle

“Made me laugh out loud, which is rare” – John Bibby, writer of Not The Nine O’Clock News

“Doing God’s work” – Josie Long*

“Satirises the very concept of domesticity” – Andy Zaltzman*

*These last two are genuine quotes about Allan but have nothing to do with his comedy. This is your first lesson in consumer deceit.